All lesson rates are calculated at $80/hour for an 11 week quarter. You can find the quarterly schedule here.

30 Minutes - $440 per quarter or $147 per month

45 Minutes - $660 per quarter or $220 per month

60 Minutes - $880 per quarter $294 per month

*A $10 driving fee is added for in-home lessons. Note, this fee is only charged once per household.

If students pay for the entire three month quarter in full or enroll in monthly auto payments, a 5% discount will be applied to lessons:

30 Minutes - $418 per quarter or $140 per month

45 Minutes - $627 per quarter or $209 per month

60 Minutes - $836 per quarter $279 per month

*Note, the $10 driving fee will still apply for in-home lessons

Payments can be made in person with cash or check, or electronically

through Zelle or Square Invoicing.


All students are asked to sign a policy agreement which outlines the following policies. It Is highly encouraged that students over the age of 12 go over these policies with their parents to ensure they understand the commitment they are making and the rules around rescheduling.

A PDF download of the complete policy agreement can be found at the bottom of this page.

Billing & Scheduling

  • Students reserve their weekly lesson time with Emily Moscoe prior to the start of the quarter. At this time, if there are any known scheduling conflicts for one or more lessons, alternate dates and times can be arranged. Please note, lesson enrollment is for all lessons in the quarter. Requests for fewer lessons and reduced rates cannot be granted. If any further scheduling conflicts arise, those lessons may be rescheduled with sufficient notice (please see “Rescheduling & Cancelations” below).

  • Payments can be made at once or in monthly installments and are non-refundable. Receipt of payment (or first payment) is considered a student’s commitment to lessons for the quarter. If a student is making monthly payments and wishes to discontinue lessons, they will still be financially responsible for the duration of the quarter.

  • Payments are due by the first day of the quarter (or month if paying in installments).

  • Payments will be considered late five days after the invoiced due date and will be subject to an additional 5% late fee. Two or more late payments may result in stricter payment policies including required single quarterly payments and automatic payments. Emily Moscoe is not required to teach any scheduled lessons that have not been paid for.

  • Students can register for automatic payments or pay with cash, check, or Zelle. Please note, in the event a student check cannot deposit, they must take responsibility for any resulting bank fees and late fees and may be restricted to different payment methods in the future.

Rescheduling & Cancelations

  • If any scheduling conflicts arise after the start of the quarter, students must provide at least 48 hours’ notice to be eligible for rescheduling. Rescheduling will be offered on a first-come first-serve basis and may be delayed up to several weeks from the date of the original lesson. Please note, rescheduled lessons are a courtesy based on teacher availability, so ample notice and patience is greatly appreciated!

  • If a student is sick on the day of the lesson, they must notify Emily Moscoe. Alternate options may be offered including virtual lessons or rescheduling (subject to availability). Please note, if a student is clearly sick and has not notified Emily Moscoe, the lesson may be canceled without reimbursement.

  • If a student does not come to a scheduled lesson, Emily Moscoe will attempt to contact them and wait for 15 minutes at which point the lesson will be considered canceled and cannot be reimbursed.

  • If Emily Moscoe must cancel a scheduled lesson for any reason, the student will be offered an option to promptly reschedule or be reimbursed for the cost of the lesson. Reimbursed lessons will appear as credits on the student’s next invoice.

Safety & Liability

  • Students under the age of sixteen must have a parent present or in the vicinity of lessons. In the event a parent is not present, Emily Moscoe is not responsible or liable for the student’s safety.

Emily Moscoe Music Studio Policy Agreement.pdf