I grew up in the Pacific Northwest playing piano, guitar, and singing.

I started formal music lessons at the age of four and had a childhood full of piano evaluations and competitions, jazz gigs, school choirs, and any other music I could get my ears on.

After high school, I ended up in Southern California studying music at UC Santa Barbara. In 2011 I graduated with my B.A. in music composition.

There's a lot of different interests and aspects of music that I've experienced and love and I think that's part of what makes me such a good teacher. I've experimented in the world of filmscoring, I actively write and produce songs, and am always furthering my knowledge of music history and theory.

Like a lot of young and struggling musicians, I fell into teaching out of necessity. However, I quickly found that my love of learning translated perfectly into teaching and inspiring others.

I've been teaching music since 2009 and today run my own thriving studio of approximately 40 students spanning all ages, levels, and interests.

I love the variety of people I get to meet and appreciate the challenge of finding how to connect with each one in a way that motivates and inspires. It's such a joy to help my students find their potential and the experience makes me a better musician and teacher.

Thanks for taking the time to read this far. If my background and teaching philosophy resonates with you and you're interested In lessons, I look forward to talking soon!

~ Emily